Professional Development


2017-2018 Professional Development Opportunities

Summer Teacher Professional Development: Teaching Through the Arts

Workshops are 9am-4pm at the Halloran Centre for Performing Arts & Education.

Beginner's Track: Acting Right

July 10-12, 2017, 9am-4pm  |  $100 per person or $75 per person for teams of 4 or more

Workshop Leader: Sean Layne

Kennedy Center Teaching Artist Sean Layne has taken the foundational elements of acting such as concentration, cooperation, and collaboration and created a structured process, which can become the basis for effective classroom management every day. This engaging step-by-step approach empowers students to take ownership of and be responsible for their own behavior. In this workshop, teachers learn how to help build the skills necessary to establish a sense of self-control, accountability, and team-building in their classroom.



Advanced Track: Musical Adventures: A Door to Writing

July 12-14, 2017, 9am-4pm  |  $100 per person or $75 per person for teams of 4 or more

Workshop Leader: Marcia Daft

Music opens the imagination and helps students develop powerful sensory images that stimulate language and vocabulary development. In this participatory workshop, teachers explore how to use music to guide and enhance students’ creative writing. Participants discover how this music-based process involves students in developing listening skills and visual imagery, brainstorming descriptive vocabulary, determining importance, establishing mood, and learning how to structure a story outline.



Fall and Spring Workshops

All workshops are 4-7:15pm at the Halloran Centre for Performing Arts & Education.

Cut Paper: A Pathway to Creative Writing

Spring 2018

Workshop Leader: Jamin Carter

The process of writing stories can be challenging for young authors. In this workshop, explore how students can use scissors, glue, and construction paper to create artwork that becomes the bridge between an unformed idea and a unique, descriptive story. Learn to use selected elements of art, such as shape, color, and space, to connect to story components (e.g., character, setting, events, main idea, and details). Participants will leave with workable, accessible tools for students to create ideas, think divergently and write creatively.

Registration will open at a future date.